Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Uruguayan Culture

  • I don't know- brush your chin with the back/top of your fingers
  • Fast- shake your hand and make your index finger clap against your other fingers
  • F*** you- the American sign for ok, your thumb and index finger make a circle and your other fingers stand up 

  • Empanadas- hot pockets with meat, usually beef or ham and cheese
  • Arroz con leche- rice pudding, it's a common dessert
  • Yogurt- liquid and more like sweet milk than the thick yogurt in the States
  • Milk in a bag- milk comes in a bag here
  • Chivito- beef, bacon, ham, mozzarella, a fried egg, lettuce, and tomato on a bun
  • Mayonnaise- it's a big deal here
  • Gnocchi- noodle balls traditionally eaten at the end of the month because they are cheap and easy to make once funds and food have run out
  • Pancho- it's a hotdog, a regular old hotdog
  • Pascualina- spinach pie with eggs in it
  • Pizza- dough with sauce and mozzerella
  • Torta frita- fried dough sometimes served with powdered sugar
  • Alfajores- dulce de leche sandwiched between 2 cookies, can be covered in chocolate or rolled in coconut

  • Dulce de leche- carmel 
  • Bizcochos- pasteries that can be sweet or savory
  • Maté- green tree special to the area

  • Asado- bbq

  • Chau- bye
  • Kissing- everyone kisses each other next to one cheek (normally the right)
  • Greet each individual- it's rude not to individually greet everyone in the group
  • ¿Cómo anda?- commonly asked right before kissing

  • LL or Y- they pronounce this sound more like a combinations of /sh/ and /j/ 
  • Vos- you, "sos" is the vos form of ser
  • Acá- here
  • Muchachos- you're an adolescent until 30 so even in college you're a kid

  • Platform shoes- They're right out of the early 2000's 

  • Scarves- Uruguay cold is not cold, but they bundle up anyways. Scarves are common even when it's warm outside
  • Shorts- Girls don't usually wear shorts unless they are going to the beach. I wore mine to school and other places, but I definitely stood out.
  • Ball caps- Girls don't wear these hardly ever. Again just be prepared to stand out and pay higher prices at the ferias.

Must Do/See/Eat in Montevideo

  • Ferias- You can probably find at least one a day if you try. I usually went to the one in Parque Rodó on Sunday mornings. There's also one called Tristan Narvaja Sunday mornings at the intersection of Dr. Tristan Narvaja and Colonia. Many smaller ones throughout the week sell food and produce at prices much lower than the supermarket. Typically you can buy any and everything cheaper at the ferias. Clothing, food, souvenirs, electronics. Always check the ferias first.
  • Mercado de los Artesanos- This is like a giant flea market style set up, but it's filled with handmade things. I will warn you though it's a tourist trap so prices are high. It's not unreasonable though. It is in Ciudad Vieja at Plaza Cagancha 1365.

  • Museo del Fútbol- The museum is attached to the centennial stadium and you get to go inside. Soccer is a huge part of the culture and the stadium is very important. The address is Av. Dr. Américo Ricaldoni 1801-1849.

  • Museo del Carnaval- This was my favorite place that we visited. A guided tour is the way to go. With a guide we were able to play the drums, dress up, and even parade around. You learn a lot more about the music and costumes this way. The address is Rambla 25 de Agosto de 1825 218.

  • Montevideo sign- It's a standard must do in Montevideo. It is on Playa Pocitos.

  • La rambla- There are several rambalas. It's the sidewalk along the beach. Find one and stroll. I walked the one at Playa Pocitos a lot because I lived near by. 

  • Maté- This is the special tea from this area of South America. Uruguayans drink it hot year around. It is common to see people carrying a thermos under their arm and a maté in their hand. It's worth trying. You can find the cups (maté) and straws (bombilla) at the ferias. 

  • Torta frita- I always found these at Tristan Narvaja on Sundays. It is fried dough and is sometimes served with powdered sugar. They are quite yummy. 

  • Chivito- I loved cheviots. It is a beef patty, ham, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, and a fried egg on a bun. Restaurants, food trucks, and even stands at ferias have them.

  • Dulce de leche- I do not have a picture of this, but it is the favorite sweet of Uruguayans. It's similar to caramel. 
  • Alfajor- It is a special cookie to the area. Other countries down there have them, but they disappear as you go north. It is like a moon pie, but filled with dulce de leche. 
  • Empanada- It is a hot pocket filled with beef, tuna, veggies, onions, or ham and cheese. The most common are beef and ham and cheese.


Experiencing God in Uruguay

While here in Montevideo I have experienced lots of what I call God moments. Here's a few of my biggest God moments experienced in Uruguay. 

  • Within the first few days of arriving I dropped my contact. I searched, but couldn't find it. That night I prayed I find it, as silly as it may sound, and the next morning it was sitting on the table where I had lost it at. It was absolutely not on the table the night before. I had looked there first. when I lost it.
  • I was having a rough time and really needed some alone time to really talk to God. I begged Him for some time alone that night when I prayed. The very next day it poured rain. My roommate decided not to walk to class with me in the rain, which meant I had a 40 minute walk to and from school by myself. It was an absolute blessing. I was completely soaked when I got to school, but I felt so much better about life. When everybody else saw an inconvenience, I saw a blessing. 
  • When I arrived I met my roommate. After getting to know each other a bit I found out that she was agnostic. She lost her faith after a death in the family. I suddenly realized that God may very well have planted me here to help plant seeds for her. I tried to show her God's love even when it was hard and I least wanted to. It was a true test for me and I prayed for strength and patience every night. I would also play my Jesus music loud and proud when I took a shower, just in case she might overhear it. I have no idea if my efforts made a difference in her life, but I hope they at least planted some seeds. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Week 18/Semana 18

Day 120:
I went to the beach! This is my final week in Uruguay, so enjoyed it while I could.

Day 121:
I had my last Spanish class today. Wednesday is our test. 

Day 122:
Today we went to Teatro Solis. On the walk there I stopped at the gate to the city. I was more impressed by the theater than I was by the art museums although that isn't saying much. 

Day 123:
My Spanish test was hard and I'm not very confident in my results. After class Laura took me to the mall for a bit of time together before I leave. It was like being followed by the paparazzi!

Then we went to see the grandbaby. I found a kitty, who Laura warned me wasn't friendly. I beg to differ.

Day 124:
It's weird to to be leaving someplace that I will probably never return to. We had our last big family dinner tonight. In less than 24 hours I will be on a plane. Oh and my literature presentation was amazing!
My last alfajor in Uruguay
Day 125:
It is my last day in Montevideo, Uruguay.
The ombu (special species of tree in Uruguay also how I knew where to turn to get home)

Last trip to the beach

Gonna miss the beach walks

Last bus ride to school, which is something I'll surprisingly miss

Wow, now that's festive!

Sitting on campus under some palms waiting on class

Goodbye casita

Goodbye Uruguay Mom

Waiting on my plane tryin' not to cry

We're off

Goodbye Montevideo

Day 126:
I woke up this morning on another continent. I'm writing from Dallas and will be home in a few hours.
Hello Miami

First American purchase/food in 4 months

Día 120:
¡Fui a la playa! Es mi ultima semana en Uruguay.

Día 121:
Hoy era mi ultima clase de español. Miércoles es la prueba. 

Día 122:
Hoy fuimos al Teatro Solis. En mi camino, paré a la puerta de la cuidad. Me gustó el teatro más de los museos del arte aunque eso no significa mucho.  

Día 123:
Mi prueba de español era muy difícil y no tengo confianza en los resultados. Después de clase fui con Laura a Punta Carretas para un poco tiempo juntos ante de me voy. ¡Era como mi propio paparazzi!

Fuimos a la casa de la nieta. Encontré un gato, quien Laura me dijo no era sociable. No lo creo.

Día 124:
Es un sentimiento raro para estar preparando a salir de un lugar donde probablemente nunca voy a volver. Tuvimos nuestra ultima gran cena familial esta noche. En menos de 24 horas voy a estar en un avión. Mi presentación fue excelente en literatura.
El ultimo alfajor en Uruguay
Día 125:
Mi ultimo día Montevideo, Uruguay.
El ombu

El ultimo viaje al a playa

Voy a extrañar los paseos por la playa

El ultimo viaje a la universidad por bus. Voy a extrañar el bus. 

¡Wow, eso es muy festivo!

Sentada abajo de un palma en la universidad

Chau casita

Chau Mamá uruguaya 

Esperando por el avión y tratando de no llorar. 


Chau Montevideo

Día 126:
Me desperté en otro continente. Escribiendo en Dallas. Voy a llegar a casa en pocas horas.
Hola Miami

Primer comida de EE.UU en 4 meses.