Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Uruguayan Culture

  • I don't know- brush your chin with the back/top of your fingers
  • Fast- shake your hand and make your index finger clap against your other fingers
  • F*** you- the American sign for ok, your thumb and index finger make a circle and your other fingers stand up 

  • Empanadas- hot pockets with meat, usually beef or ham and cheese
  • Arroz con leche- rice pudding, it's a common dessert
  • Yogurt- liquid and more like sweet milk than the thick yogurt in the States
  • Milk in a bag- milk comes in a bag here
  • Chivito- beef, bacon, ham, mozzarella, a fried egg, lettuce, and tomato on a bun
  • Mayonnaise- it's a big deal here
  • Gnocchi- noodle balls traditionally eaten at the end of the month because they are cheap and easy to make once funds and food have run out
  • Pancho- it's a hotdog, a regular old hotdog
  • Pascualina- spinach pie with eggs in it
  • Pizza- dough with sauce and mozzerella
  • Torta frita- fried dough sometimes served with powdered sugar
  • Alfajores- dulce de leche sandwiched between 2 cookies, can be covered in chocolate or rolled in coconut

  • Dulce de leche- carmel 
  • Bizcochos- pasteries that can be sweet or savory
  • Maté- green tree special to the area

  • Asado- bbq

  • Chau- bye
  • Kissing- everyone kisses each other next to one cheek (normally the right)
  • Greet each individual- it's rude not to individually greet everyone in the group
  • ¿Cómo anda?- commonly asked right before kissing

  • LL or Y- they pronounce this sound more like a combinations of /sh/ and /j/ 
  • Vos- you, "sos" is the vos form of ser
  • Acá- here
  • Muchachos- you're an adolescent until 30 so even in college you're a kid

  • Platform shoes- They're right out of the early 2000's 

  • Scarves- Uruguay cold is not cold, but they bundle up anyways. Scarves are common even when it's warm outside
  • Shorts- Girls don't usually wear shorts unless they are going to the beach. I wore mine to school and other places, but I definitely stood out.
  • Ball caps- Girls don't wear these hardly ever. Again just be prepared to stand out and pay higher prices at the ferias.

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