Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Experiencing God in Uruguay

While here in Montevideo I have experienced lots of what I call God moments. Here's a few of my biggest God moments experienced in Uruguay. 

  • Within the first few days of arriving I dropped my contact. I searched, but couldn't find it. That night I prayed I find it, as silly as it may sound, and the next morning it was sitting on the table where I had lost it at. It was absolutely not on the table the night before. I had looked there first. when I lost it.
  • I was having a rough time and really needed some alone time to really talk to God. I begged Him for some time alone that night when I prayed. The very next day it poured rain. My roommate decided not to walk to class with me in the rain, which meant I had a 40 minute walk to and from school by myself. It was an absolute blessing. I was completely soaked when I got to school, but I felt so much better about life. When everybody else saw an inconvenience, I saw a blessing. 
  • When I arrived I met my roommate. After getting to know each other a bit I found out that she was agnostic. She lost her faith after a death in the family. I suddenly realized that God may very well have planted me here to help plant seeds for her. I tried to show her God's love even when it was hard and I least wanted to. It was a true test for me and I prayed for strength and patience every night. I would also play my Jesus music loud and proud when I took a shower, just in case she might overhear it. I have no idea if my efforts made a difference in her life, but I hope they at least planted some seeds. 

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